New Mexico's

"Home on the Range"



Solano can be found in northeastern New Mexico on NM Hwy 39, 10 miles south of Roy and 9 miles north of Mosquero. This town is at an elevation of 5628 feet (1715 meters). It was between Mosquero and Roy on the Southern Pacific Railroad. Its post office was established in 1907.

The town was named for a local mail carrier, Cipriano Solano. In 1907, F.M. Hughes built a house and store at the present site of Solano. The economy was based on the railroad which went from Dawson near Raton, NM to Tucumcari, NM. The station was named "Solana". Solano had over 500 residents at on time and was the largest town in Harding County for a while. There were 4 stores, 4 saloons, several restraunts, 1 dry goods store and Millinery store, 2 blacksmith shops, 2 lumber yards, 2 hotels, a train depot, 1 newspaper - the Solano Herald. In 1950, the Dawson mines closed and so did the town. The closing of the mines in Dawson caused the railroad to stop service to Solano. Dry weather and the lack of jobs also led to the decline of the town. A dry-ice plant kept the town alive until it closed in the early 1980's. Today, there are only a few people who live in the town. A church, the post office and a few houses are all that remain.


The Solano Schoolhouse is almost destroyed now. Someone bought it in the 1990's and started dismantling it to salvage the bricks. He sold the property before he had completed the task.

Solano High School had a basketball team called the Solano Eagles. Woody Hutchison who later played professional basketball in California played on the Solano team. The team only existed for about 15 years. For more information about the Solano Eagles, see Steve Flores book "Ghost Town Basketball".