New Mexico's

"Home on the Range"


Canadian River Canyon

  • Hikers can trek down and back up the Canadian River Canyon road -- but remember to take plenty of water! This may be the plains, but it's still 5,878 feet in elevation. Walk along the river and admire the colors that contrast with the red canyon walls. The New Mexico State Department of Transportation (DOT) would have a right-of-way or easement across the Canadian River for the Roy to Wagon Mound Road. The DOT typically does not acquire any additional access other than for the road way. As far as we know, there are no arrangements with the private land owner for access to the river or north along the river at that location.

    On the National Grasslands, land patterns are very complex because of the intermingled federal, state, and private lands. Due to these circumstances the U.S. Forest Service does not control or manage many of the parcels found within the designated grassland boundary.
    We promote use and access to Mills Canyon and the scenic Canadian River via the Mills Road 600. This is the only "Public" access to the Canadian River and it is by National Forest System Road (NFSR) 600 or NFSR 600. We do not promote any other access to the river. A private individual using any other route without an agreement or permission would be in trespass. The responsibility is on the hiker to know where they are at and the local and/or state rules of trespass and private land ownership rights.