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Harding County Roundup

Harding County Roundup

There is a lot going on in our remote part of New Mexico, but sometimes it's difficult to communicate all the goings-on when we're so spread out geographically. One of the purposes of this paper is to help close that communication gap and bring information to a central location where it can be shared with community members.

Another goal of this project is to give our young people a chance to learn about all of the aspects of running a business. While the brainstorm for this paper lies with Mrs. Donna Hazen and her Entrepreneurial Class at Mosquero Municipal Schools, the Seniors at Roy High School, under the direction of Ms. Stefanie Rigoni, have put a lot of hard work into their school newspaper, the Longhorn Lasso, and we appreciate them giving us the opportunity to include their work and look forward to working with them in the upcoming issues.

Now for the details. This paper has been professionally published by the good folks at the Raton Range, and will be mailed quarterly to subscribers. While we realize that reporting news on a quarterly basis is not as timely as a weekly newspaper, we see it as a starting point and are aiming for a publication that can be circulated more frequently in order to keep our friends and neighbors well-informed on all the news and events of the area.

What we need from the fine citizens of Harding County is information. While the bulk of the community news was gathered by us making inquiries to the various clubs, organizations, and individuals in the county, we need your help in the future issues to ensure that we include all the newsworthy events that are available. You don't need to be a reporter or even have a computer to let us know what's going on. Just drop us a note, give us a call, or, if you're hooked up to the net, drop us an e-mail by the deadline indicated for the issue you'd like it included in and we'll do the rest. What we're looking for is upcoming stories. If it's of interest to you, chances are it will be interesting to our readers as well.

The student-generated newspaper has grown beyond the walls of the classroom, creating the need for adult employees. What was once a dream has become a reality. The Mosquero Municipal Schools is the home of the school-based county newspaper that is produced and published quarterly by students.

The students have recently announced the following community members to their staff: Margaret (Trujillo) Green, Barbara June Melton,  Lydia Webster and Mary Libby Campbell (who has returned to the area after being away for 35 years).

Margaret, Barbara June, Lydia, and Mary will be working from their homes and ranches on school-issued computers to help compile and format the growing newspaper that has a distribution of almost 500 newspapers across the United States and beyond.

If you have out of town friends or family who would like to receive our paper, please pass our contact information to them. We hope you enjoy this newspaper. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Donna Hazen