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Our Senior's Guide to Fentanyl offers clear explanations, practical advice, and thoughtful insights on this sensitive subject.
It includes:
What Fentanyl is.
Why it is a threat.
Tips for talking to adult children/grandchildren.
Helpful articles and interactive drug education videos.
A Senior's Guide to Fentanyl (

At, we firmly believe that a good night's sleep is a fundamental right, not a luxury. Yet, for many, a quality mattress—an essential component of healthy sleep—is financially out of reach. This reality is at odds with our vision of wellness for all, irrespective of economic status.
Recognizing this gap, we have meticulously compiled a list of organizations dedicated to providing free or discounted mattresses to those in need. Our resource aims to bridge the affordability gap by connecting individuals and families with entities that can help them acquire the sleep solutions they rightfully deserve.
You can view the guide here: How to Get Free and Discounted Mattresses