CJ Garrison, County Clerk

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Melissa Gonzalez, Chief Deputy Clerk

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Duties and Responsibilities
  • The duties of the county clerk can be summarized as follows: The county clerk serves as the arm of the state with regard to the administration of elections in the county.
  • The county clerk has significant recording, filing, and indexing duties as the repository for numerous documents required by law to be filed of record in the clerk’s office.
  • The county clerk serves as the ex officio clerk for the board of county commissioners of their respective counties.
  • The county clerk also serves as the clerk for the probate court.
  • The county clerk is responsible for the issuance of marriage licenses, and other miscellaneous permits and licenses and the collection of fees for same.
  • The county clerk has other varied statutory duties, including but not limited to those relating to the routine financial transactions of the county. 
Notice to the Public
Clerks will not conduct searches (they can provide a list of local abstract and title companies upon request).
Clerks cannot give legal advice on whether the documents you want recorded are correct, complete or legally sufficient for your purposes (please see an attorney).

Clerk's staff are not licensed or bonded to perform research. 

The clerks will assist you in any other way possible. We are here to record and file your documents as public record and maintain them for your future use.